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The Gambler and The Oscar…


Today I woke up to this great review of The Gambler from the Hollywood Reporter.   The Gambler is Lithuania’s official entry for the Oscars this year and this is the last week before the voting starts. Exciting! I really am proud of this film, and had a blast working on it.   LA screenings are […]

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The Gambler US Premiere!


I’ve been waiting several months for the US premiere of The Gambler, that Lithuanian feature I star in that I wrote about here on my blog way back in 2012. I’m happy to announce that after a few very successful months hopping from festival to festival in Europe and Asia, it will be premiering here […]

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Ten things to know about me.

1. I’m a feminist. 2. I love doughnuts. Any kind. Except those gourmet ones with bacon. That’s gross. 3. I’m a sucker for kung-fu movies. At one point I wanted to be Bruce Lee when I grew up. 4. I’d love to shave my head for a role a la Sigourney Weaver in Alien 3 and Natalie […]

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The Sleepy Man (2013) trailer…

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It’s here! The trailer for The Sleepy Man, the short film I directed.    

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Making a movie in Lithuania

I spent 9 weeks in Lithuania shooting the feature Lošejas (The Gambler). I starred as Ieva, a woman who starts a love affair with a co-worker and struggles with a moral dilemma while trying to raise a young son. The film is directed by Lithuanian director Ignas Jonynas, and is entirely in Lithuanian.   Although […]

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Atlantic City Calling…

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The writing, the cast & crew, the costumes – all of it comes together to create Boardwalk Empire, what I consider one of the best shows on television these days. So when I got the call in April that I booked a role on the show, it was truly exciting. As an actor, it’s really […]

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Who’s That Girl?


Why, it’s Oona Mekas throwing that guy into a table! Fun shoot, good people. Always nice to work with the guys over at Biscuit Filmworks! Be sure to say hi if you are at the opening of the Newport Beach Film Festival Opening Gala tomorrow night!

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